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Realitní projekt roku 2020

About Evergreen

Welcome to a modern garden district, where anyone looking for living in the metropolis with close proximity to the nature and the city centre, with civic amenities and lots of calming greenery, will find their favourite home.

You can look forward to row houses and apartments with practically designed layouts in two stages of construction. Whether you want to settle in a two- or three-storey house with a garden 90 to 170 sqm large, or you are more attracted to one of the apartments with the layouts ranging from 1+kitchenette to 3+kk, you will definitely get your money´s worth. The prices of the houses range from CZK 7,597,599 to CZK 13,853,589 and include a parking area and a piece of land. The prices of the apartments start at CZK 2,261,257.


Welcome to EVERGREEN!


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Specialization and rich experience

For us, building houses is not only a job, but also a passion. We have been creating residential complexes with a character, transforming brownfields into living city centres and actively participating in the public debate on the future of Prague for 20 years.

We cooperate with local governments and cooperatives to create affordable housing together.

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