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2. etapa je kompletně dokončena!


Apartments from BD24 have successfully passed the approval procedure!

The first apartment building from the second stage also passed the approval procedure successfully, we are currently diligently finalizing the last details on the second one and expect the approval inspection during October this year. In the sales offer, you will find the very last apartment with the popular 3+kk family layout, as well as several 2+kk properties that differ mainly in terms of location, size of the garden/terrace or small details. But perhaps these details will be what make the apartment a real home.

Take a look at the current photos of the 2nd stage in the gallery and choose from our current offer of available apartments and you can move in in a few weeks!


Family houses from the 2nd stage are approved!

Family houses from the 2nd stage of Evergreen Đáblice have recently been successfully approved! This is extremely important news for potential interested parties - for example, you. It means that if you buy a property now, you can live in it in a few weeks.

You can get an idea of the current situation in the locality thanks to the new photos in our gallery.

You can find the complete offer of free family houses on the website HERE.


What's new about the construction of the 2nd stage?

Family and apartment buildings are literally growing before our eyes! They already have new coats in the form of facades and are not idle even in interiors. The construction of the 2nd stage of the residential project Evergreen Ďáblice is slowly reaching its final stage, the family houses and the BD24 apartment building are scheduled for approval in autumn 2023, the BD23 apartment building then in December. Check out our photo gallery for a fresh construction photo, still almost hot as it is from this morning!


Pre-Christmas news from construction

The construction of the 2nd stage of the residential project Evergreen Ďáblice continues according to plan, with the estimated completion of the properties in the last quarter of next year. All properties are already above ground and one of the two apartment buildings has already reached the final 4th floor.

Check out our photo gallery for a fresh construction photo that we took at the construction site over the weekend before it snowed.


We have expanded the offer to include additional apartments!

If you are currently thinking about purchasing a property, either for your own housing or for a safe investment with appreciation and protection against inflation, or a combination of both, you can choose from the expanded offer of the 2nd stage, where we have just added apartments from the BD3 apartment building.

Choose from our offer right now!


News from the construction

Once again, we bring you current news from the construction of the 1st stage. So what's new?

Trees have already been planted in a significant part of the exteriors. We have completed parking spaces and communication routes (sidewalks and roads). We are also working intensively on the interiors, we are literally finishing some places fausse golden goose and we are missing the last few details. Gradually, in accordance with the construction schedule, which is still managed to be followed, we are approaching the approval of the 1st stage. You can see more photos from the construction HERE.


We have included family houses of the FAM and DJD type from the 2nd stage in the offer!

Just a few days before the Christmas holidays, we have included FAM and DJD family houses from the 2nd stage! For those interested in living in Evergreen, we are now offering 19 family houses labeled XI and XIV in 3+kk and 4+kk layouts with an area from 95 m² to 190 m².

If you are interested in consulting the offer of a specific house cinturon louis vuitton or booking one, please contact us by e-mail at prodej@djd.cz or by phone +420 604 500 923.

We will be happy to welcome you to our sales office (Bílkova 856/18, Prague 1), but we also offer an alternative - an online meeting via the ZOOM application. We will be happy to tell you all the details about the online meeting options.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Team Evergreen Ďáblice



At the beginning of December, we officially started selling the first part of the apartments from the 2nd stage. Choose from our offer borse firmate imitazioni perfette and do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at prodej@djd.cz or by phone +420 604 500 923.


What's new on the construction of the 1st stage?

We bring hot construction news in this cold season! So what's new? We have already moved to the interiors of some of the family houses and have started work on tiling and paving. We will not be idle in the construction of roads, some sections of roads and sidewalks are already gaining final shape, as well as parking spaces for family houses, where specifically for rows 1 to 3 they are already finished and we are working diligently on others. At the same time, landscaping of the land is underway.

We invite you to our photo gallery, where we have prepared a new load of photos from the construction, where, among other things, you will see the almost completed facade of the apartment building 1.

Come in!

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Award ceremony Real Estate Project of the Year 2020

The relaxed pandemic measures allowed the award ceremony of the Real Estate Project 2020 competition to finally take place yesterday. We remind you that our Evergreen Ďáblice won in two categories, won the architects' award and the expert jury award for the Prague 8 region.

The award for the development company Doma je hublot replica Doma was accepted by Ing. architect Michal Skrbek, who is a co-author of the urban and architectural design of the Evergreen garden district project


Construction news

Despite the fact that we experienced above-standard snow rides in Prague this year, the construction of the 1st stage is all going according to the construction schedule. The photos show the current work on the first floors of apartment building No. 1 and the introductory rows of family houses. However, the construction is progressing quickly and in a moment other objects will grow before your eyes.

You can look at the current photos in our photo gallery, the offer of vacant family houses can be found here.



We have just expanded the current offer by 18 family houses in rows marked III and VIII, which we plan to complete in 2022. This is the final offer from the 1st stage of the cosplay kostüme project.

If you are looking for beautiful living in a traditional Prague district in the middle of a green park, then take a look at our offer of family houses.



We are very happy that all 60 apartments have found their future satisfied owners, moreover in record time. If you were interested in living in Ďáblice, but it didn't get to you, you definitely don't have to despair. What will be the other options?

We have just expanded the current offer with the last 18 family houses from the 1st stage of the project. If you were thinking of buying a larger apartment, a terraced house could be an interesting replica orologi alternative for you.

Other flats and family houses will then be part of the offer of the 2nd stage of the replicas bolsos project. We expect the start of sales at the beginning of 2022, the date will be specified in time.


EVERGREEN won two awards in the REAL ESTATE PROJECT OF THE YEAR competition

The traditional Czech competition of development projects Real Estate Project of the Year announced the awards for 2020, and we are very pleased that Evergreen won the Expert Jury Award orologi replica di lusso and the Architects Award in the Prague 8 region. This shows that high-quality, healthy and sustainable living, not only impressed our clients (more than 80% sold real estate), but also colleagues from the professional community and leading Czech architects.


We have started the construction of apartment and family houses from the 1st stage!

After carrying out the construction work, the construction work on the engineering networks for the first stage, we started the construction of residential and family houses from the 1st stage! We are glad that you like Evergreen Ďáblice, as evidenced by the fact that currently 50% of zapatillas nike baratas family houses and 80% of apartments from the 1st stage are reserved. If you are looking for new housing, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose a new demon slayer cosplay apartment or family house.


Máme pro Vás horké novinky z výstavby!


We have expanded the offer of houses and flats from the 1st stage!

For great interest, we have expanded the offer of family houses and apartments.
Take a look at our offer and do not hesitate to contact us for more pelucas cosplay information!

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 On April 15, we officially started selling the houses and apartments of Stage 1. Choose from our offer and do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at prodej@djd.cz or by phone at +420 604 500 923 
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Land preparation for the construction are in full swing bolsos imitacion! Demolition work on existing buildings is currently underway.

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